Thursday, January 24, 2019

Woodlawn Projects

After my "retirement", we're beginning a few projects around the house.

First on the list is repairing our fifth-wheel RV. We found *lots* of rot on the back wall and the sides adjacent to the corners. Sigh.

Second, our house (bought September 2016) came with a falling-down garage. You could see through the walls and roof. Our original intent was to tear down and replace with a hobby room for Jennifer, and we had begun this process before I went on strike. One wall and the roof removed. A real eyesore for our neighbors. So the current idea is to just create a sealed structure that we can decide about later.

Third, we want to renovate and remodel our sunporch. Not such a big job, and actually the one I would like to tackle first.

Details and photos later.